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A. Glamorous Services

1. What is Glamorous?

Glamorous is a personalised shopping and fashion club experience that gives you VIP access to the latest trends and celebrity styles, at a fraction of the price. Imagine the convenience of online shopping coupled with the luxury of having a personal stylist, and you’ve got Glamorous.

2. How do I join the VIP club and be a Glamazon?

You can be a Glamazon in three easy steps!

  1. Take our Short Style Quiz to help us get to know you better and personalise your experience.
  2. Build your Glamazon Closet with our tailored choices based on your Glamazon personality each month.
  3. Choose from your closet or shop our entire site, the choice is yours really. As a Glamazon, you are entitled to major discounts and preferential treatment.
    Shop designer styles for P1690.!
3. Glamazon Loyalty Program

As a Glamazon, you’ll automatically receive the following:

  • VIP pricing with savings starting from 50%.
  • FREE Exchange
  • Handpicked items curated by our stylists just for you
  • Personalized style and fashion tips
  • Top-notch customer service

As you go further with us, you’ll also unlock a host of other private perks. So always check in with us and see what offers we have in store for you!

4. Can I skip the Month?

Yes, there is no obligation to buy and you can return to the Glam Club anytime you wish. Simply remember to choose the "Skip This Month" option to avoid being charged. If you do forget, that's okay–we'll credit your Glam Account with one Glam Credit that you can use for a purchase within the next 6 months.

5. Can I make multiple purchases a Month?

Yes, buy as many shoes as you like at VIP price!

B. Product & Shipping

1. How do I claim my offer(s)?

One Glam Credit will be credited to your Glam Account every month on your date of registration that you can use towards offsetting the price of a shoe purchase.

2. What if I don't like my selection for that month?

If you’re not feeling anything in your personalised Glam Closet, then you can request for new styles by simply dropping us an email at contact@myglamorous.com.ph. As we need to head back to our Fashion Vault to find styles that match your new request, please give our style team 24 hours to get back to you. Alternatively, you can also “raid” another Glamazon’s closet!

3. Do I have to make a purchase every month?

No, you have no obligation to buy and skipping a month is as easy as clicking a button. Simply visit your Glam Account and select “Skip This Month,” and you won't be charged. But if you forget to skip the month, one Glam Credit (worth P1690) will be added to your Glam Account. Please note that you can only skip the month by visiting your Glam Account. Requests cannot be sent via phone, web or email.

4. How do I change my mailing address?

Simply select the option to in “Shipping & Billing” located on your Glam Account to update your details. Please note that it is advised that you change your delivery / mailing address BEFORE purchasing, to ensure your order does not get lost in the mail.

5. How much is shipping?

Shipping is at P300 per shoe purchased!

6. Do you offer overseas shipping?

We currently only ship within Philippines and Gibraltar, but we are looking at offering our services internationally soon. Stay tuned.

7. When can I expect my order to arrive?

You’ll receive your shoes within 10 working days.

8. Can I track my order?

You can track the status of your delivery in your Glam Account under “My Orders”.

9. Can I exchange the shoes that I’ve bought?

Glamorous does all it can to ensure quality – we will do an exchange if the shoes sent were faulty or damaged. However, we will not do exchanges for wrong sizes* or from subsequent use (wear and tear). Shoes will only be exchanged if they were damaged or faulty upon receipt, and unworn.

C. Memberships, Refund, Return & Cancellation Policies

1. When do I get charged for my purchase(s)?

You will receive your personalised closet once per month, and your credit card will be charged on your date of registration.

2. What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card only due to the unique nature of our service.

3. Why was I charged P1690 when I did not purchase?

As a member of our VIP club subscription, payment will be automatically deducted every thirty-date period after the date of registration until you cancel. If you do not wish to make a purchase that month, simply log-in to your Glam Account and select “Skip This Month".

4. Can I create more than one account?

Yes, but please note that each account will require a different credit card number for billing purposes. You cannot use the same credit card number for two separate accounts.

5. What is your return policy?

You are only able to return your parcel if the product is damaged. Glamorous practises strict quality checks to ensure customer satisfaction. If you wish to return your damaged shoes, please contact our Customer Service team at contact@myglamorous.com.ph.

6. How do I cancel my account?

At Glamorous, we aim to make your experience with us as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Should you be unsatisfied with our service, you may cancel your VIP Glamazon membership at any time AT NO COST in your account. However, if you would like to continue receiving tailor-made selections, then just skip the month by clicking “Skip the Month” in your account. You won't be charged and no member credit will be generated for you. Your account will be automatically generated as per normal in the following month.

7. Is there any cancellation fee?

There is absolutely no cancellation fee.

8. Is there a minimum subscription period?

There is no minimum subscription period.

9. If I cancel my account, will I be able to enjoy my credits?

Any credits you currently have in your account has a 6-month validity period from the date of credit.

D. Technical and account issues - Technical issues, Log-ins and Passwords

1. I wish to change my payment details – how do I do this? What will happen with my previous credits?

Please contact our Customer Service Team at contact@myglamorous.com.ph and we will try to modify your account accordingly.

2. MyGlamorous sent me the wrong pair of shoes. How I do correct this?

We are very sorry and we would like to make it up to you! Please drop us an email at contact@myglamorous.com.ph.

3. I am unable to make a purchase at VIP price! What should I do?

This might be a technical glitch. Kindly contact us at contact@myglamorous.com.ph so we can further assist you. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused.

E. Newsletter, Marketing Related

1. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter / get removed from the mailing list?

Simply click on the “unsubscribe” button located on the newsletter and we will remove you from our mailing list. You can subscribe again at any time through your Glam Account.

2. I'm a supplier and I would like collaborate – whom should I contact?

Please drop us an email at contact@myglamorous.com.ph.

3. I would like to advertise on your site – whom should I contact?

Please drop us an email at contact@myglamorous.com.ph.

4. I can't receive your newsletter, what should I do?

Check your email settings and ensure that we are on your safe sender’s list. Alternatively, you can add us to your address book.

*see terms of service